Sunday, February 11, 2007

Working without reward?

Seems our government seems to think that people will work better if they don't get paid. Read here.

He is suggesting that instead of paying bonuses firms should give the money to Charity.

The part I like is the usual government stance. Why don't we be reasonable? If you don't do what we tell you we are considering bringing out laws that will make you. So, it's entirely voluntary then.

I have a 40% house. Why instead of the workers giving up the money they have worked for can't the government give up the Tax it collected on it. It can give the Tax they steal from us to charity. Surely, That will make them feel better.

It must be great living in the fantasy land that our government lives in. I think I'll go into politics. May as well start lying now and build up some experience in my new career.


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