Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Looking after dangerous pets.

Reading this article about the dog that mauled a little girl to death. What a tragedy and my heart goes out to the family. What a waste of a young child's life.

Although at the same time I was thinking that this sort of thing normally happens to innocent bystanders and not the dogs owners. A child playing in a nearby house, a visitor to the house or even someone walking by. The owners only regret is that he has lost the dog and pays a fine.

Having a dog that had already gone for someone else and leaving it with a child around defies belief. I imagine they will be thinking now of what should have been done and the warnings they had and ignored because a family member wanted a tough manly dog and not a pet. A dangerous animal needs to be treated right and there would be few issues. Handling it incorrectly and ignoring it's actions are a recipe for disaster.

May the book be thrown at this guy and not any leniency for him suffering enough. If I was one of the parents of this child I would press for full charges and screw what the rest of the family thought. It's idiots like him that screw it up for the rest of us.


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