Saturday, November 11, 2006

Down this path again.

First of all we try to prosecute a guy because we don't like what he is saying. Then when it fails we look to change the law so it would have succeeded. Read here.

I'm equating this to speeding, one of my favourite analogies.

Guy gets nicked for doing 30.5mph in a 30mph zone. Gets off in court. So instead of saying we were stupid to try this case they appeal for the law to be lowered to 28mph so next time we can get him for the same action. Of course next time he, being aware of this, is nicked at 28.5mph. Let's get to court it's worth a go they say and we are not paying.

Persecution using the legal system as the persecutor. Our useless bunch of do gooders.

If it isn't illegal then what is the problem? Jeez, by the time Labour leaves power there will be another 3000 laws for the Lib-Dems to plan to remove.

Plus soon looking at someone will result in a conviction. Glancing in a racial manner. Glancing in a racial manner with intent.


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