Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Making a point.

It sounds like the Pakistani's are making a point with the execution of Mirza Hussain by scheduling it for during the royal visit. Read more here.

I think this guy has had it. It sounds like money is the only thing that would save him now but I think that there is only really one more card to play. The jokerprince card.

A simple public request from the Prince as he arrives in Pakistan for the life of Hussain mentioning injustice and Islamic law conflicts. Ignoring the usual gifts and political games. The issue, of course, would be would we take him back to the UK for a life sentence if they did not pardon him but instead commuted death on the understanding we would house him.

Worth a try. Nothing else is going to work. Our FO isn't any good nowadays.

If however, they execute him our royal visitors should just get up and walk out. Fly home and make a point of ignoring everybody on the way out. That would make news worldwide and is bound to be a big embarrassment. Of course it's easily avoided by slipping the dates but would they be too proud?


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