Friday, October 13, 2006

Malicious intent.

Reading this article about how a schoolgirls shabby treatment ender her up with a permanent record with her majesty's slightly tarnished police force. I would say finest but my opinion on our police force has taken a downturn over the last year or so and I'm now starting to see them as working for the enemy. A step above the enemy, barely.

You see I can understand the teacher. She was just stupid as some of the modern teachers seem to be. No common sense. Escalating a simple issue to a criminal event. I would be interested in seeing her performance reports for her teaching work.

In addition what school has a police officer based full-time at the school? Why do they need one? They clearly decided to do nothing.

But then, in what was clearly a thought out policy because it was several days later, they arrested her, terrorised her and then did not press charges. Why they couldn't have responded, as they do with me, with a simple crime number even though it was clearly not a crime and left it as that shows that this was a deliberate act with an intent above and beyond a simple mistake. It has a political stench to it.

If I was one of the parents I'd be looking at legal action for this. In the meantime I'd be moving my child to another school after looking at their abysmal school statistics. (That's if I read the tables right. At the bottom of the page it's pupil's results are down while the rest of the area, and the rest of the UK's averages go up)


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